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The only thing cooler than a Cooler2See, a Glacier! 

Thank you Billy. 

A good flashlight is needed in Alaska!

Your guys coozies were a hit on our vacation to Bali everyone asked were we got them from. Thanks again!!!


Mile high Stadium Thank you Carlos.


Traveling the USA. If you see us say Hi.

Red River NM 

Thank you Jay!

Thank you Key west!

Thank you Joe! 

 Thank you Bergs!

 Thank you Vicki! Colorado

Thank you Yasmani!  80' underwater product test, Blue Hole, NM Check out the videos.

Yes the Cooler 2 See returned to normal shape as it was returned to the surface.  

Eric and Erica. Saint Patrick's day in Ireland with green Cooler 2 See's  

Cold, Cold January and February

While we wait for a little warmth, Cooler 2 See has been playing with possible graphic ideas.   

Digi-Camo, Skulls & AR's. 

Merry Christmas! A Cooler 2 See under the tree is fun.   

Icy Blue. Thank you Hank

Thank you Ms Oktoberfest


On a beautiful fall cabin get-away in Estes Park, CO -- after performing it's usual duties keeping beverages properly chilled all evening, this Cooler2See also served as a porch-light :).

Cool product!

Brad, Windsor, CO

Thank you Joe, Monte Vigil Chili Company!

Thank you Dave and Jenifer

Thank you Karim & Holly

 Thank you Kristen! Canada Eh

Thank you Kim!


 April 2015 

                                                       March 2015 

                                                                                      February 2015 

                                                       January 2015