Bottle Koozie

While looking at existing Koozies, we noticed that Koozies in general fit one size can or bottle. If you put a thin bottle into a Koozie designed for a larger diameter can then the bottle is loose and the insulation quality is gone. On the other hand try putting a large diameter can into a Koozie designed for a thin bottle, you may destroy the Koozie.


We designed the Cooler2See® to accommodate many different size cans and bottles.

The soft top lip of the Cooler2See® will allow a secure fit for a thin bottle. We wanted to be able to pick up a tall thin Corona bottle by the neck and have the Cooler2See® stay attached. The thin lip also allows for the larger diameter Coke can. 

So whether you have a can or bottle the Cooler2See® is the best multiuse Koozie.